VPK in Palm Bay, Florida : Elyon School & Child Care

Is your child  4 years old before September 1? Do you want to eliminate or lower your child care cost?  Would you love your child to attend one of the areas most successful VPK programs according to the Florida Department of Education Kindergarten Readiness Screener?  Achieve these goals in 5 steps:

1. Fill Elyon School & Child Care Application Form

This guarantees your child a spot in the VPK program while you are getting the certificate of eligibility. If you are already enrolled go to the next step.

2. Get the following documents for registration

Photo ID, proof of residency and child's birth certificate.

3. Complete the online VPK Application (optional)

You may speed up the application process by clicking here to fill out the online VPK application.  Completing this application does not automatically register your child for VPK, so you still need to continue to the next step.

4. Get a VPK Certificate of Eligibility at one of the following events and return it to Elyon School & Child Care.

March 18

9 am – 5 pm
Eau Gallie First Baptist Church
1501 W Eau Gallie Blvd
Melbourne, FL
St. Teresa's Catholic School
207 Ojibway Ave, Titusville, FL

April 10

9 am – 5 pm
Palm Bay Christian Preschool
344 Emerson Dr NW
Palm Bay, FL

April 24

9 am – 5 pm
Suntree United Methodist Church
7400 N Wickham Rd,
Melbourne, FL

May 06

9 am – 5 pm
East Coast Christian Academy
670 N Courtney Parkway,
Merritt Island, FL

May 20

9 am – 5 pm
Calvry Chapel West Melbourne
2955 Minton Rd., West Melbourne

June 10

9 am – 5 pm
Rockledge Christian School
2175 S Fiske Blvd, Rockledge

June 19

9 am – 5 pm
Odyssey Carter School Jr/Sr High Campus
1350 Wyoming Dr., SE
Palm Bay, FL

July 15

9 am – 5 pm

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School
1618 Oak St
Melbourne, FL

August 7

9 am – 5 pm
Eastern Florida State College
Community Dining Room
1519 Clearlake Rd
Cocoa, FL

5. Take the Certificate of Eligibility here

Elyon School & Child Care
1516 Norman St,
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Why Should Your Child Attend Elyon School and Child Care VPK Program?  

Owing to the growing demand for our VPK Program we will open an additional class ... so register early to secure your child's opportunity for success.

Call 321-728-5503 for more information


What Parents Say About Elyon School & Child Care

I cannot express enough of my gratitude in finding a wonderful daycare for my daughter. I never have to worry during my work day, as I know she is in great hands and is learning so much in the process. I thank the Lord everyday for having you all as a part of our lives. I am beyond grateful for all of your contributions in the teaching and well being of my daughter. God Bless! (Angela H., Palm Bay)

I have been to a couple daycares before coming to Elyon School & Child Care. This is the first day care where my son is learning (Justin L., Palm Bay, FL)

Amani has learned her shapes, letters, and potty training to name a few. She has mastered these skills in a very short time since attending Elyon. She is enthusiastic about attending school. She looks forward to seeing her teachers and friends. She has learned to trace and write letters on her own. I also like the challenging projects she does in school. It shows in her papers that she brings home. (Melanie L., Palm Bay, FL)

He is learning, spelling his name, knowing his colors and numbers and his behavior is good. Isaiah has improved alot. Thanks to the teachers. I am glad I put Isaiah in Elyon School. It is a good Christian school, clean, teachers are very good with the children. They let you know what is going on. (Chandraklie J., Palm Bay, FL)

Alexis has displayed an enormous "want to learn" attitude with the new program. She's very excited and eager to learn now. Her confidence in what she has learned is the biggest change. (Noemi R., Palm Bay, FL)

Like most about the program your approach to a positive sound academic learning environment, your individual attention, social and spiritual training provided on a daily basis. Alex likes going on field trips and doing different activities. He also likes when Mr. Burrell reads to him and teaches him about God. Your entire staff is very dedicated and the kids are morally grounded. Thanks for playing a big role in my kids life. I will forever be grateful to you and your staff. Continue the good work. (H Ramdat, Palm Bay, FL)

Like most about the program The extra time and patience shown towards the children in learning. The teachers really care about each and every child. Child likes interactive learning and field trips. She especially enjoys the Khan academy program. The number one benefit is learning. Mikyla has learned beyond her level and enjoys challenges and learning. (Sharlene D., Palm Bay, FL)

The Elyon staff dedication to our child's education, emotional well being and loving touch has been the most touching to both me and my husband. Mr Burrell had a magical way of breaking through Apolonia's mind and unlocking the possibilities. I was always comfortable leaving Apolonia here. I never worried about her welfare. I always knew that she was being pushed to do her best and learning something new everyday. (S Butler, Palm Bay, FL)

Liked most about the program, I really liked the structure of the educational programs and the fact the teachers encouraged the children to go farther and learn more each and everyday. The number one benefit, the ability to grow with knowledge. Before Elyon, he could barely count to five. Now he counts to hundred not only by 1's but also by 5's and 10's. He also knows many kindergarten level sight words and some basic math. (Kimberly, Palm Bay, FL)

We liked that every single day you had the kids say their ABC's, numbers, opposites, shapes and lots of everyday things. It was not a simple daycare/vpk. You really taught the kids everyday I have talked to other moms that their kids went to different VPK's and I've realized that Chiara knows a lot more than the other kids. Great job! Number one benefit, the fact that you kept on teaching her more and new things if she was more advanced than the other kids. You don't just teach the same thing over and over. We are very satisfied with your program. (Calderon, Palm Bay, FL)

I would highly recommend this center for superior education for pre-schoolers. (accreditation parent survey)

I honestly think this center is one of the best in Brevard county. I have been with a few but none like Elyon. I love this school for my child and I would recommend it to everyone without a doubt. The program is awesome and the teachers are great! (Accreditation parent survey)

I love Elyon school. The education my son has received has gone beyond my expectations. The teachers are kind and truly care (accreditation parent survey)

I believe that this is one of the best schools in Brevard and I love and admire how they teach the children about Jesus and God as well as teaching the children school material. The director of this school (Mr Burrell) does wonders with the children and works in the office or spirit of excellency. (acreditation parent survey)

This school is highly recommended. The staff is professional and caring and the standard for education is excellent. (accreditation parent survey)