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Now Your Child can be Taught to Read and Write before Kindergarten

For the price of regular daycare give your child the best academic child care experience in Palm Bay, FL: Preschool, VPK, Before/after school, summer camp.

Dear informed parent:

Six years ago when I offered to give my parents the best academic child care service in the region there was a lot of skepticism.

Then when we graduated our first few there was huge excitement.


Because many of these children were reading at a first, second, or third grade level even before graduating from my program.

I know of no other child care in and around the Palm Bay Florida that can boast of such achievements.

I am happy to say that the excellence continues.

If you visit Elyon School and Child Care today we are able to show you the many accomplishments of our current children:

  • Toddlers (2 year old) who can show at random their letters, say their phonetic sounds, count up to 20 and beyond, identify colors, shapes, body parts, and much more
  • Three year old children accomplishing the same feats as their two year old friends, putting sounds together to make words, counting beyond 50, and much more
  • Preschool children (threes and fours) sounding out words, reading/writing sentences, counting to 100 by 1’s, 5’s and 10’s, identifying three- dimensional shapes, etc

Each child thrives in an environment that meets his needs, is fun and to the point: no fluff.

Amani has learned her shapes, letters, and potty training to name a few. She has mastered these skills in a very short time since attending Elyon. She is enthusiastic about attending school. She looks forward to seeing her teachers and friends. She has learned to trace and write letters on her own. I also like the challenging projects she does in school. It shows in her papers that she brings home.

–Melanie L., Palm Bay, FL

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What about your child?

You know your child is smart.

You know that with the right environment your child can flourish.

Elyon School is geared to help you to meet the needs of your child.

We offer your child a variety of child care services:

  • A clean, safe and pleasant academic environment. Feel comfortable leaving your child knowing that their surroundings is conducive to healthy living and learning.
  • A predictable environment for learning. Children feel more secure and are able to tell time

  • Christian (non-denominational) morals. Ability to identify right and wrong

  • Performance-based academic advancement. Children move to higher level classes based on ability regardless of age. This promotes continuous enthusiasm for learning and eliminates boredom.

  • Team teaching. Multiple teachers per class affords us to give individual instruction

  • Show & tell daily. Children develop verbal confidence and the confidence to speak to an audience

  • Freedom to develop self-confidence. As the child masters each skill he becomes more excited and wants to do more.

  • Traditional phonics instruction. This builds a strong foundation for reading, language development, and reasoning.

  • Counting and number-recognition. Children are challenged to count and write numbers in a variety of ways.

  • Singing throughout the day. Another method we use in teaching concrete concepts: numbers, letter, phonics, shapes, colors, Bible verses, etc.

  • Organized play indoors. This promotes the development of fine motor skills and engagement in team games.

  • Supervised free play outdoors. This promotes the development of large motor skills and engagement in team games.

  • A peaceful rest time. Improved behavior.

  • Prayer before every meal. Recognition of God’s providence

  • Three (3) FREE, USDA approved meals daily. Children get nutritious meals and parents do not have to pack them. Leave the food to us. We have a rotating menu so children do not get bored with the food.

  • Bible stories daily. A part of developing moral character

I cannot express enough of my gratitude in finding a wonderful daycare for my daughter. I never have to worry during my work day, as I know she is in great hands and is learning so much in the process. I thank the Lord everyday for having you all as a part of our lives. I am beyond grateful for all of your contributions in the teaching and well being of my daughter. God Bless!

–Angela H., Palm Bay

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We offer our parents more value for each dollar:

  • A preschool program with daycare hours and price

  • Flexible opening hours. Drop off your child anytime between Monday to Friday 6:00am–6:00pm

  • Daily work papers. See your child’s progress.

  • a sense of relief in knowing that you had made a wise decision to ensure your child gets ahead start

  • a feeling of accomplishment as your co-workers, relatives, and friends praise you on the success of your child

  • savings of time and money because there is no need for tutors

  • having the choice of what school to send your child knowing that your child’s academic knowledge is not a setback

  • watch your child love and excited about learning

  • Open-door policy. Come in and see your child anytime

  • Eat lunch with your child in class. Promotes parent involvement to increase your child’s sense of security

  • Homework (with parents). Helps to develop parent/child relationship and to establish the fact you are your child’s main teacher.

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Most of our graduates at a minimum acquire the skills they need for kindergarten, many read and write before kindergarten, and some excel beyond kindergarten doing simple word problems and arithmetic. The result … high self esteem and self worth for the child … praises for the parents for raising such “gifted” children.

It can be done. This is not a fantasy program. You will be hard pressed to find another child care service in Palm Bay Florida that offers such a solid foundation for your child.

When you come in for a tour you will see real kids enjoying materials according to their abilities yet exceeding the abilities of peers in other settings.

I think Elyon is by far the best daycare I have exposed my children to. The directors have a sincere interest in learrning-teaching. The level of education and exposure is of high excellence. This is evident in how I see my children perform independently and from the reports I receive. I am extremely impressed. Thank you Elyon School. May God Bless You.

— Veronique W., Palm Bay, FL

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Nationally accredited and trusted by the experts

Child Care Assistance

If you are in need of child care assistance Elyon School caters to your need through assistance offered by the Florida Office of Early Learning. We are a provider of the Early Learning Coalition of Brevard County. Depending on eligibility, your child may be able attend Elyon School at a free or reduced rate.

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Convenient Daycare Opening Hours

6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday to Friday. Allows for flexible drop off and pick up times for parents with odd working hours.

Easily Accessible Location

1516 Norman St, Palm Bay FL 32907

  • 1 mile from the I-95/Malabar Rd on/off ramps
  • 1 mile from Palm Bay Community Hospital
  • 1.3 miles from Brevard Community College
  • 5 miles from Florida Institute of technology
  • 6.9 miles from Holmes Regional Medical Center

Licensed Daycare

Elyon School and Child Care is licensed and regulated by the Florida Department of Children and Families. Their purpose is to ensure that children in licensed child care facilities throughout Florida are well cared for in a safe, healthy, positive and educational environment by trained, qualified child care staff.

Payment Options

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