With Elyon’s Home School Service you get home school for your child while you are able to work

Dear Working Home Schooling Parent (or soon to be home schooling parent):

Throughout the years we have used home school techniques with our preschool children.

Many of them attained first, second, or third grade competency in reading and math.

This means they are able to read, comprehend, and answer questions.

These are three (3), four (4), and five (5) years old children we are talking about.

Each child masters fundamentals before moving on.

Because of this parents have been asking us for years to go beyond preschool.

More recently many of my graduate parents concerning educational issues which you may also share

  • Your children are not being challenged in “big” school.

  • Your child is (1) to three (3) years ahead of peers and is actually getting bored and disruptive

  • The teachers did not know what to do because they cannot advance your child.

  • Teachers tried to give the work that would help him stay ahead, but the effort is short lived because it creates extra work for the teacher.

These are the “good problems”. At least the child is ahead.

Other parents had other concerns about their children that you may also share:

  • Your child may be failing classes and you do not know what to do

  • You know your child is smart and can do better but does not have the opportunity

  • Social pressures distracting your child from benefiting from regular schooling

  • Your child does much better one and one

  • Your child is missing foundational instruction and the further he goes the more he gets frustrated

  • Teachers are overwhelmed with work that they do not have enough time to work with yours.

Whatever the circumstance you may have started or already looking at home schooling as an option.

However, you as a working parent may be hindered from doing home schooling for various reasons:

  • You do not have the time because you have to work to put food on the table

  • You do not know how to home school

  • You are not be comfortable with your abilities to home school

  • You do not have the patience to home school

  • You may be concerned about your child not having enough social interaction if home schooled

With the recent advances in technology, which have forced down prices dramatically, and the variety of quality affordable curriculum hitting the market we now feel that this is the opportune to help our parents by starting a home school service for our parents and their children.

Use Our Time, Experience, and Facility

Now you can enjoy both worlds: home schooling while you are working.

That’s right! You can now get home school away from home with Elyon ‘s Home School services.

Your child will get

  • to be among other home schooled children which reduces the feeling of being alone, “different”

  • to share a computerized study room.

  • supplemental instruction in math and reading using proven computer technologies

  • to develop computer skills

  • instruction in browsing safely on the internet

  • a place to move at his or her own pace while mastering the subject

  • a feeling of attending regular school, but without the frustrations involved

  • a moral, safe, and controlled academic environment.

  • a place to build positive long term friendships

  • a learning environment that is fun and challenging

  • field trips that supplement the learning experience

  • like-minded peers who are also eager to learn

and, so that you do not feel left out, you get

  • control of your child’s education

  • relief from frustration and helplessness over your child’s progress.

  • supervision of progress and assignments

  • professional verification that your efforts are paying off through annual verification by certified teacher

  • Year round access to the facility, Mondays to Fridays 7:30am to 2:30pm, except for major holidays.

  • access child care beyond regular hours if needed

  • Help with choosing curriculum

  • licensed and accredited child care facility

  • trusted and experienced child care personnel whose background have been checked.

  • experienced home school educators

  • flexibility in using a curriculum to fit your child’s need

  • to track your child’s progress without having to wait at the end of any school term

What Does it Cost to Get Your Child this Opportunity?

Consider this.

The average cost for public school for each child is $10,600 per year.

The average cost for private school for each child $5500 per year.

We will not charge $10,000 plus.

We will not charge $5,000 per year

We will charge a once a year administration fee of $150 and a weekly monitoring fee of $50.

That’s right!

For the price of daily lunch, $10 a day, we will:

  • Maintain the home schooling records

  • Monitor your child’s daily progress

  • Give additional/supplemental math and reading through our computerized system, which you are able to monitor online.

  • Give access to our fully computerized study room

And, because it is weekly you can stop at any time with a 1 week notice.

You control your cost.

You control the education your child receives.

We work for you.

To Get Started Now or for More Information

Call 321-728-5503

Do not hesitate. A change for the better requires taking action now. Each minute that goes by may mean lost opportunity. Time is the only non-renewable resource. Do not waste it for you or your child. Take action now.


Roy Burrell, Director

P.S. We are initially limiting the number of children in this program to only 10 children. So, sign up today to lock in your child’s opportunity for success and your peace of mind.

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